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    December 27th, 2005
    Give Your Kids a Kiss Just Because
    My husband came home from work a bit ago and told me that a man that he works with needed him to work some extra hours this week because his baby was born today at only 22 weeks. They are keeping the baby alive long enough for all of the family to come and see her.

    So take the time to give your kids an extra kiss and hug for no reason and be thankful for every Lego that you step on or chocolate milk stain that you scrub out of your carpet.

    Please say an extra prayer tonight.

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    That's sad. Our boys were preemies, the first at 30 weeks and the second at 32 weeks.


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    bettylou - I was so sorry to hear this news. I will certainly keep the family in my thoughts and prayers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bettylou
    Please say an extra prayer tonight.
    You got it. One of my nieces was a premie. I hope that little one can hang on and make it.
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    How is the family doing? Tell them that I personally give that baby a kiss and hug. I have two girls at home. The oldest one has so much energy that by 11 a.m. I am out. My youngest is 6 months, she is the quite one. Two different personallity, but I love them with all my heart, even if they turn my house upside down. That is what kids are for .

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    I'll add my prayers for the baby and the family. If the doctors are talking about keeping the baby alive long enough for everyone to come and see him it doesn't look good but these days you just don't know what may happen. I hope that whatever is best for the baby will happen and whether that is pulling through or going home to be with the Lord we just don't know.
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