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    Transparency and Privacy
    How can an ABW member be transparent yet protect their privacy?

    I've always been kind of a privacy freak. It bugs me when they ask for my phone number at radio shack so I just say no, although I've gotten used to it at Hollywood Video. We've always had an unlisted phone number. Other than the land-line business phone we've been strictly wireless for a number of years. The business number is listed with a business name and my business address. I use a PO box for everything other than personal stuff. My address is not available online by searching my name in any form. My PO address is printed on my checks. I've never let my clients visit my home office and have always arranged meetings at a restaurant or Starbucks. I've always been concerned that a disgruntled [X] client would show up with an axe. JK So over the years, because I've been careful about spreading the info, It's fairly easy to use my name and portrait here.

    For other members who wish to remain anonymous, I understand the need or desire and support that.


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    I read about cases where fraudulent affiliates use the publicly available information of established affiliates to get a foot in the door at lesser known networks and in house programs. After a rash of fraudulent credit card purchases the perps disappear leaving you holding the bag.. all without your knowledge. I am not a heavyweight affiliate but I have already had problems with shady affs using my content. I do not wish to supply additional tools.

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    Yep, what 2busy wrote, and another thing, we don't know who's browsing this forum. I have no problem with the regulars here knowing my full name (and many of them do, including Haiko) but I'm not putting it out there where anyone can see it, or find it through a SE.

    The two things in this biz you can never get back once they've been trashed are your privacy and your reputation. I won't risk either. If anyone feels they must know my full name they can PM me.

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    Ed, I am sure you took all the right precautions. I think some who do post names as their username, can also use aliases like real names so that gives an added layer of protection.

    What freaks me out is ( I think it was Haiko or someone else?? ) that mentioned before that some dude actually showed up on his front steps one day. That would sooo freak me out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Byerly
    For other members who wish to remain anonymous, I understand the need or desire and support that.
    Everybody needs to maintain their own personal comfort level in this. There is no "one size fits all" in the name game.

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    Once you put your name out there (if it's real), you can find out anything.

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    >> some dude actually showed up on his front steps one day

    Ya'll need two 80lb intimidating dogs hanging out around the house all day/ people that we don't know who pull up to our house stay in the car until we come out. it's amusing.

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    If anyone here needs to know who I am, a PM is all they would need to send...unless you are a moderator, then you can already see my name/address details.


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    Today someone intent on learning all about you probably can.
    I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die
    to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there
    isn't and die to find out there is.

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    A little while ago, someone published our family tree online without consent - there it was, my full name & date of birth. I lost it... took 3 months to have it taken down as it was done without approval.

    While I would love to be my "real" self here, I actually don't want to be connected with my site. I use this forum to vent & openly discuss issues that impact my own business - this isn't something I want readers/competitors to know.. all they need to know is the cheery facade

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    If you attend conferences then I would recommend using your name or if you otherwise want to be known. For affiliate managers its invaluable as you want to build a reputation. Also, we are seeing the rise of professional affiliates who are members of network groups and speak at summits. Next step is to see affiliates actually book booths so they can be directly approached. It then becomes more of an advertising agency.

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