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    Warning: Don't Upgrade to AdWords Editor 6.5!
    This morning, when I loaded the Google AdWords Editor, I was prompted to upgrade to version 6.5, and I clicked OK. Big mistake.

    Don't click "OK" to install the upgrade -- instead, exit AdWords Editor, and un-install the Google AdWords Editor (Start, All Programs, Google AdWords Editor, Uninstall), and then download and install the new version.

    When I "upgraded," it didn't properly update files, so when I tried to load the new version, I got an error message; to cure the problem, I had to uninstall, and then delete two separate existing folders under C:\Documents and Settings\(My User Name)\ -- one under "Local Applications" and the other under "Application Data" -- the folders are named "Google AdWords Editor." After doing this, I was able to re-install and load AdWords Editor 6.5 (but I had to re-enter my account/login info, and of course re-download all client data).

    I think this was the longest I've ever waited on hold for Google AdWords Support -- clearly, this is a known problem, and perhaps the upgrade will work properly tomorrow.

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    Thanks for the heads up. It is tempting to not install something new, because maybe, just maybe it works better, fast, easier, but it is actually worse. The other day, I was on the phone with my internet company trying to fix a problem I was having with the internet, when a window pops up "upgrade to IE 8.0." I told the man on the phone this and he said, "stop, don't do it, not a good idea." If he wasn't on the phone, I would have done it.

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