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    Question Vocabulary / Terminolgy
    I am new to the industry and I have tried to understand the definitions and usages of certain words but I have had quite a few problems with one... the ONE that IS my job! This is the short version. My company has been doing work for years with (and has about 500) E-MAIL BASED publishers. A lot people call them affiliates.) I was "taught" that a "true" affiliate means that the person drives traffic via host/post, forums, blogs, web pages, banners, etc. Those are the people that I am trying to find. All I seem to be finding are what I consider publishers. All I seem to be finding are the e-mail based traffic pushers. I have found an occasional phone pusher as well. I have not found the host/post, forum, blog, web page, banner people. Is there something I am missing? I have been doing this about a month and really have not made any headway (I have had some very nice phone calls with some very nice people.) I am on the computer from 7 am to 12:00 -2:00 every night. I am about 5 forums, Facebook, a TON on LinkedIn, organic searches, everything! I'm getting a little bummed. I am not gonna make a DIME! I don't need the $20,000 a month, I need the $20.00 a month to start!!!

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    You are more than welcome to IM/Phone me and I can explain the differences between display publishers and affiliate publishers for you. As far as making money, it's going to take time, but as long as you put your time/effort, you will see it eventually.

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