We rolled out a 5th integrated ad type today: Flash Ads!

In addition to banner, text, html and video ads, merchants can now easily include Flash banner ad campaigns in their ad lists for Affiliates.

Affiliates, you can easily embed any merchant Flash Ad by pasting one line of Javascript on to your web pages or blogs.

Merchants can now easily integrate Flash banner ads into their ad list by simply uploading a compatible .swf file (1MB size limit), which we’ll store and serve to Affiliates through one line of Javascript.

Rich media such as Flash has been measured as a more effective ad type, converting at higher rates than static or animated banner campaigns.

Merchants also have the option of including an alternate image file for Affiliates that will display whenever browsers do not support Flash, so there is no risk of a blank ad display. You can’t go wrong with this ad type!
More information including .swf specs for merchants, and how Affiliates can easily access these campaigns, available on our blog:

Flash Ads Now Available!

Let me know what you think,

Gary M