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    Hi there,

    I am doing some research and would like to know what do you think about and its current program. What has changed over the last years and what would you do to make it better?

    PS. I do not work for or with , but I am interested in their model.



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    I'm not sure what's going at these days. I know that Liz used to work for (as did I) and when we were there, we were very focussed on running a clean and fair program.

    I've heard some negatives lately, but I've also heard that they are starting over with a new team, so it's possible they've since realized the error of their ways and are trying to turn it back around again.

    It's probably best to contact the current program manager and ask them some questions about their policies, including their anti-parasite policies to see what direction they are heading in now.

    If they can clean it up again, it's a very good program... great products, and good $ average order size (again, based on what I recall... but that was about 4 years ago).

    Not sure if that helps...


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