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    I remember awhile back people complaining about their LinkShare check arriving with the envelope not sealed correctly. I think they fired those people and now they work at CJ? Just got my check today with the envelope wide open, doesn't look like it was ever sealed. Everything arrived ok, but this can be a major problem. Gotta hire some new envelope lickers.

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    I'll take that job...may be the only way to get the money that you earn at CJ...

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    That's nothing compared to what happened to me [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    I live in Argentina, here the public mail service has some kind of mafia that invaded their international service for sure:

    I made a complaint for a check that never arrived from USA (just $160), they told me that I had already chashed it!
    I requested the signed copy and... They faxed it to me! with a fake signature (not similar), cashed in Spain (in Mafia invaded Bank: Caja de madrid)!

    Now I have Direct Deposit, but had to ask CJ for DHL mail service some times ($70 fee !!!)


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