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    Problem with Link Redirection - Help Please

    I'm fairly new to popshops. I'm using the enterprise plan and everything works perfect except link redirection...

    I have copied the following code to the top of index.php and have enabled "Have all product redirects point to your own domain"

    but, still the the links are directed to "" and not to my domain

    here's a page --

    Can somebody tell what's missing?

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    You're not using a dynamic format. It shows you're using javascript. The redirect is php. Try using the php code from PopShops.

    BTW, the best way to get PopShops help is by emailing them: support [at] that way you aren't posting links to your site in here.

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    Thanks a lot
    Thanks a lot. works fine ( my supidity )

    Yes...i did contact their support email but, no response so far.

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