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    Thoughts on an article
    Today's NY Times had this article:
    Amid the Gloom, an E-Commerce War

    What are your thoughts on eBay vs. Amazon?
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    I've been buying stuff on ebay for years, and it seems that all the stuff they `fixed' didn't need fixing (the new search is really annoying me! ), and everything that needed fixing is still broken. Also, its harder to find the kind of things I used to buy on ebay. There's noticably less diversity, and prices are getting higher. I've become a google shopper this year, and I'm getting more comfortable with it.

    Overall I think that NY time article was quite informative, but it doesn't really get to heart of just how much damage the new CEO has done to ebay. Wasn't he the CEO of wallmart? Its as if he's trying to turn ebay into a cheap junk store.

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    Amazon has had a winning marketplace from the beginning. They stuck to their guns and keep their core business model intact.

    Whereas, ebay has lost it's luster for auctions and has been doing everything it can to hurt the small time sellers and especially new sellers. Not being able to leave negative feedback for buyers, too tight of restrictions on new sellers (quick to NARU them), and fee hikes are just some of the things done that is hurting Ebay.

    More and more ebay wants to move to a more like marketplace. While that would be fine if they would leave the auction part of things alone but they don't. It's not like all their new ideas are innovations and improvements.

    Normally when sites roll out new features most users are HAPPY with the new features or improvements. However if you will notice that the majority of sellers (and buyers) have raised a fuss each time.

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    Interesting article.
    When Ebay moved from CJ I felt this might be the perfect match for my sites.
    Since then I have had my doubts. I have been moving my traffic to other merchants and feel that I will eventually leave EPN altogether.
    I had looked at Amazon a few times, but was always put off by their length of time before the cookies expired. But after reading comments here on ABW I think I might give them a try.
    I do feel that Ebay is moving in the right direction,but sometimes in the wrong way.Their recent affiliate related moves leads me to believe that we aren't as important to them as I would like a "pardner" to be.
    I'm not sure about Amazon's record with their affiliates,but on the surface they seem to at least be more stable.
    Meg in politics?.....thats a whole 'nother

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