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    February 28th, 2008
    Same ol' Same ol' for Auctiva ?
    Anyone know whats happening to the Ebay?Auctiva situation?
    It was my understanding that roundtripping as Auctiva and others were doing was no longer allowed.
    I was building a site today(well, yesterday I guess since it's now 3
    and noticed that on Ebay the Auctiva "Check my other auctions" strip was still on some auctions I was looking at. While clicking on the listings didn't take me off Ebay, I wonder if my cookie would still be overwritten. Also,clicking on the "Click here to browse all my ebay items" link did take me to the sellers Auctiva store,then back to Ebay when I clicked on a listing.
    Isn't this still roundtripping?
    Then I see below all this another link for 'Kick it back' which takes me to yet another set of seller listings, and back to Ebay when I click on them.
    So, I'm wondering...was this all smoke and mirrors and nothing had changed ?
    Fyi...the auction I was looking at was a "New York Giants 3X Super Bowk Champions Jacket XXL" ...not sure if its ok to post the link.

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    June 7th, 2006
    Knowing EPN they have a "deal" with them. This was supposed to change, and I guess it could have, but until someone tests out the cookies being overwritten we won't know. Either way though I don't trust the situation.

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