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    Where to report 'no tracking'
    (I started this thread somewhere else, and was directed this area)

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, and affiliate marketing. Also, I didn't realize shareasale had a forum. This is great. I spent much time reading through posts. (I wasted all night last night doing so )

    My question: I know that a merchant, or whatever they're called, is somehow not registering my clicks, or reporting them. What can I do about it if anything? Or do I just have to take my links out and find another?

    Thanks a lot for your help.


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    Moved it out of the Test Purchase forum. The Test Purchase forum is just for when you make purchases yourself (or household member you can see) off of your links and you can post if the sale went thru or not and if you got commissions.

    With your situation, I would just post about it in their forum if they have one here or in the network forum. If it's a CJ merchant then the CJ forum because some other affiliates out there are likely to have the same merchant and you can compare notes. And then you can find out for sure if it is indeed the merchant having issues or the problem is on your end.

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