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    Your Homeowners / Auto Insurance Carrier?
    I have been with Allstate for 5 years now. I had just been auto-renewing for the past few years. For fun, I ran the same coverage levels with Geico on our 2 cars and they came out to be 50% less, which is a good chunk of money.

    I called Allstate and they can't match the rate. Now, if I cancel my auto policy with Allstate and keep my homeowners, they will raise increase my homeowners by 15% + adjust for inflation on the next renewal. Right now they are insuring my home for $400K, even though I paid $300K back in 2004.

    I am quite certain it didn't cost Lennar $300K to build my home, probably more in the range of $200K. The lady at Allstate was asking me how much it would cost to rebuild our home. I was like I have no idea.

    Just curious as to what insurance company you like or dislike for your home or auto policy.
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    I've been with Allstate since moving to California in January 1985. I check periodically for lower rates, and never find any.

    Be very careful when comparing insurance policies. There are some "rate tricks" that some companies use to persuade you to switch, and then you discover later (when a claim is filed) that the coverage isn't comparable, or they'll cancel you or raise your rates obscenely.

    As to "replacement cost," be very careful about that homeowner's policy, too. One common issue is that if your home is destroyed and must be rebuilt, there may be new code requirements that will increase the cost of construction -- and your insurance company may try to refuse to cover that cost, even when they aren't paying the full insured amount. I suspect there may be some new twists this year, as people find that their house is worth much less than they paid (or owe).

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    I have been with Farmers since I started college in 1988. ONE time I moved my homeowners away as part of a refinance and it jacked things up because my auto insurance went up because I wasn't doing both with one policy. And my homeowners wasn't getting the same kind of customer service that was getting at Farmers. So I went back. (which caused a whole other issue with my Mortgage company - DON'T EVER USE CITI MORTGAGE IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE)

    My advice is that something like that you need to consider the value of the relationship with your agent. Good customer service is hard to find these days. I prefer the personal relationship with my agent where I can pretty much call on any day and talk to him directly. I could be completely wrong, but I imagine that Geico is not like that...more like calling to a call center and not really having your own agent. Maybe why they can be cheaper.

    I love my Farmers Agent, so that is just my 2 cents.


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    We used to routinely, maybe every couple years, re-evaluate our auto insurance to see if we could get a better deal. We signed with one of the discount companies at one time and found it difficult to switch away from the later to other insurance companies like Nationwide or Allstate. Agents were telling us that since we were with "high risk" companies that they weren't interested in insuring us.

    Even when we tried to explain we don't have negative driving histories or any frequent or recent accidents, they wouldn't listen. I can't remember the last time I got a moving violation for anything (probably 20+ years ago) and don't think my wife ever had a ticket. We've had some minor accidents over the past nearly 30 years but nothing that was serious or resulted in any lawsuit. So, we couldn't for the life of us figure out how we could be considered high-risk. You don't need to be a bad driver to be considered high risk but you can be considered high risk by using a high risk insurance company.

    I can't remember who we were with that caused us to be considered high risk. Maybe try calling a few insurance agents and tell them you're currently with Geico and see what they say. Since those days, we stayed with Nationwide for our homeowners and auto insurance.
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