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    Holiday 2008 Survey Results
    “For the first time I am predicting flat to declining sales for the holiday season,” stated Cohen. “With consumers already saying they plan to spend less, stores with lean inventories, those inventories on sale as soon as they hit the floor, and tightening credit both for businesses and consumers, where can growth come from?”
    There are two items that could emerge as this season’s bright spots. They are Televisions and Sunglasses. This was the last full year for analog TV reception, and NPD research shows consumers may be looking to purchase new digital sets. “With prices at all time lows and not all wanting to deal with signal conversion boxes we could see some good news here,” said Cohen. The sleeper category for growth this year is Sunglasses. “The younger market is all over them and the bigger the logo the better. They are the most sought after item by young adults and will surely be their most desired gift. Sunglasses will be this year’s handbag.” predicted Cohen.

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    We're lucky that pet owners put their pets needs often before their own.

    Last week in a pet store in PA a shopper presented the cashier with an unemployment check to for his purchases
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    Lean inventories = increased sales online...


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    Ed wrote: > "Lean inventories = increased sales online..." <

    Yes, but:

    Lean inventories = increased % of online orders cancelled or reversed

    Merchants with out-of-date datafeeds are a special concern, but even merchants with real-time database feeds from their drop-shippers are likely to experience a higher "unavailability" rate for items ordered.

    Also keep in mind that when an item drops out of stock from multiple online stores, search volume increases as consumers try to find the item -- which can escalate your PPC costs if you don't have a system to quickly pause any ads promoting products that fall out-of-stock. (See the thread about this from December 2006:

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