Google Affiliate Network is excited to announce the affiliate program!


Program Highlights:

* Base Commission: 13% with top performer commission of 15%
* 90 day Commission Duration
* FREE Shipping on qualifying orders and FREE in-store returns
* Brand recognition from 1,100 Retail Store Base
* Benefits of promoting an active BOGO schedule WITH Free Shipping AND an aggressive seasonal promotion calendar
* Access to online only merchandise and broader assortment of product than any retail store
* 24 - hour access to links and promotional materials, sales results, and prompt payment

Google Affiliate Network is excited to announce that launched exclusively with Google Affiliate Network on October 14, 2008! Join now and receive 10% off any order over $25, you can pick up the coupon code once you join the program. This offer is only good through November 27th, 2008 so hurry and join the program!

In order to continue promoting on your site, we strongly encourage you to join the affiliate program through Google Affiliate Network. Please note that the affiliate program with Commission Junction will be terminated as of October 30, 2008.

Contact: Andrea- FamousFootwear-Affiliates[at]