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    Live Search Cash Back *Merged*
    I found that Ebay gives shopper 30% cashback if you go through Microsoft Live Search link. Try a search on "PS3" at Click on the ebay link in the sponsored sites, it drops several cookies. I am not sure if it overwrites any affiliate cookies on my machine. If it does, we lose sales because people will use Live Search to get 30% cashback. What you guys think?

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    I am not sure if it overwrites any affiliate cookies on my machine.
    I am. It does, and has been for quite a while.

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    Live Cash Back
    So I spoke with MS today and asked them how do they get 50% cash back on some merchants like electronic merchants that typically only pay 2 to 3% comish.

    MS said well we get paid the comish AND paid for placing them in the comparison site as well as paid for search terms they buy, all those things together allows them to give higher cash backs than most other cash back sites.

    MS is not making a penny on any sales as the entire comish goes to the buyer.

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    Wow. Thanks for posting. That's interesting information.
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    30% cash back of what?
    Surely not purchase price.
    Ok...I must be missing something..
    "The Cashback Rewards that you are eligible to obtain from Microsoft will be disclosed to you on and will be equal to a percentage of the final sale price of the first item purchased during an Online Session (excluding shipping and handling fees, insurance fees and other such fees), for up to a maximum of $200.00 per Online Session. "

    I didn't see any disclosure on the item I looked it shown after you bin?
    I clicked on the buy it now button and still didn't see anything.
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    Merged "Live Cash Back" and "Live Search Cashback" threads...


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    Quote Originally Posted by baygrafix
    30% cash back of what?
    Surely not purchase price..
    Yes, 30% on purchase price. Look at those $500 Walmart gift cards on Ebay. People sells them for $600. Ebay loses money on those items. Is Ebay crazy or what?

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