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    Question Questions About Product Success and Signature REports
    We are trying to work on our databasing and need answers to the following questions. We could wait and go through of all this with purchases, but that could take months. I did contact Linkshare, but I always get half answers and they dont seem to take the time and read the questions thoroughly. If any body can give me some answers that would be great.

    Thanks for taking your time to help me out!!

    1. Is the "Commissions" column in the Signature Activity Report the baseline, adjusted or actual commission?
    2. Does the Signature Activity Report get updated if the commission and/or sales amount changes?
    2. Does the Signature Activity Report "posted date and time" get changed (to the date/time the record was updated) if a record is updated?
    3. Does the Signature Activity Report get run by transaction date or posted date?
    What I'm getting at with the above questions is...if I make a purchase on 8/13/2008, and you run a Signature Activity report on 9/1/2008 and import the record of my transaction, and then LS makes an adjustment to the sales and/or commission amount on 9/10/2008, will the Signature Activity Report change? If so, would it change for August? Or for the date when it was changed? In other order to download the changed report, would you need to download August again or September (since that's when the change was made)?

    4. Does a record make it into the Product Success report only once it has an Actual Commission?
    5. Does a record only have an Actual Commission once it is approved and finalized?

    Thank you,

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    I cannot address Signature.

    When a merchant reports a sale to Linkshare, it appears in the Product Success Report. The merchant determines when it's reported. Some merchants report when the sale occurs and others report when the sale is shipped. In the case of travel, most merchants report when the hotel stay is used or the rental car rental is conmpleted.

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