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    I have a site with pretty good traffic (for it's topic), am listed well in the search engines, and have found out through analysis that my site is very sticky, 50% if the visitors stay for 15 to 30 minutes. What I don't have is conversions. The site is about 70s music and is at
    I realize that try to sell music online when people are downloading it for free (even if it is against the law), is a tough sell, so what other affiliate programs can I put on the site that would work well. Also, I have a mall site at www.cyber-save-mall, with several good affiliate programs. How can I get the traffic from my 70s music site to the mall site, where I might convert better? I would prefer direct replies to my e-mail, but posting here is also fine. Thanks in advance.

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    January 17th, 2005
    What no Petula Clark ?

    IMO , too much distraction. Do a little more soft pre-selling. Less is more.

    Download and Read some of Ken Evoy's ebooks, ( they are free - if you can't find them goto: )

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