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    Summit Social Media NY - what I learned
    Unfortunately due to a humongous headache I was only able to attend one of the sessions that day - the Social Media Case Studies session which featured Michael Jenkins, CEO/Founder of MarketLeverage; James Keating, VP of Marketing of ShopWiki; and Jivan Manhas, President of Advaliant, a Division of MediaTrust.

    The following is my take from the session, good bad and indifferent.

    The clear industry leader in this session, not just with technology, but actually "getting it", and "doing it" right IMO, was Michael Jenkins of MarketLeverage.

    James reported a 50% increase in conversions due to video reviews of products within his shopwiki site, which is great, but he surprisingly didn't get it --- he said he got these videos from end users - all for only $50K (listen to how surprisingly he says it on the vid). He ran a contest (or two?) and end users continued to make them so he keeps geting free content. ... yeah great, but wait until they learn that they can make money doing it them selves ... how fast will the milk dries up there? How is that a success? How many new bloggers are there a day? How many look into AM? Game Over?

    Jivan, while I'm sutre qualified, was representing certain things that seamed like absolutes ... I kept saying to myself, wait a minute I'm so damn confused with the tri-branding initiative - RS, MT and AV that once I learned about what they tout as "the most trusted pay-for-performance affiliate network on the web" I was like who the F are these people and why can they make these claims? and that kept ringing through my head as I listened to him sell the co, not sure which one when but that's what he was doing ... Yeah RS - vids ... ok is that social media? Yes I guess, but I've been in the space what 10 years now and I don't know any of their brands, divisions or whatever they want to call them, so besides being turned off I was utterly confused with the tri-branding ... I never knew that RS, MT and AV were the same company ... so in a social media aspect within in the industry how is that a success story? A camera and a blog don't make you a socail media success, even if you have a the most trusted ... yadda yadda. Once again my opinion.

    Now, on to the star of the show - MarketLeverage ...

    Basically, they use social media to show they are assessable, approachable real people as well as interact with publishers for quick Q's and do mild promotion and focus on brand awareness. I think they do it stupendously! I've joined Facebook and befriended some opms and networks just to be barraged with new offer after new offer without any sign of a human behind it, even worse these efforts are multiplied on social network A, then B, and C and then on forum A, B and C ... within a day or two I'm like Screw you and your offer ... and immediately have negative connotations to the brand, the opm or the network as they wasted my time and attention, not once, twice or even thrice but damn ... 6 times!!! WTF? That's the shotgun approach to social media ... see if some of the sh!t sticks, and unfortunately it just stinks. Back to my new found star ... Michael Jenkins ... he then proceeded NOT to sell the co but to talk about the core beliefs of the company and how they want to use social media to help spread and convey those beliefs with their partners and raise awareness of the ML brand, the people and yes, they also have a little thing called MLTV ... the first affiliate marketing TV show ->

    So while the others seam to think social media is simply video, a new method to spam or shotgun market, Micheal Jenkins is making it work, twitter, video, MLTV, conferences ... it's right starting from the inside. Bravo Michael!

    Here's the video ...

    Disclaimer: Yes, MarketLeverage does have a forum here, but trust me that has nothing to do with what I wrote, listen to him you'll see it also. Also these are my personal views in interpretations, YMMV.
    Continued Success,

    The secret of success is constancy of purpose ~ Disraeli

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    Thanks for the fantastic feedback. We absolutely love the interaction social media provides, I'm glad it shows across the board! Hope you're feeling better. We'll see you at ASW in Vegas!
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