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    Clicks do not equal visitors
    Hello all:
    I am struggling with the following PPC conundrum:

    For September 2008, my Adwords campaign summary shows that i got 300 clicks from a particular campaign, however, Google analytics shows that traffic from 'google/cpc' is only 26 visits for that month.

    It seems doubly strange, because there are also other active campaigns running that produced even more clicks that the one mentioned above.

    What am I missing here?

    Thanks, Kerry

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    Is your PPC campaign for only one landing page..? I once forgot to place my analytics code on a second (active) landing page, which created some tracking discrepancies.

    Plus if you use Adwords for content, the source of those clicks will be listed under the referral sites (eg.

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    November 22nd, 2007
    Clicks don't equal visitors
    Thanks for your help. I'll see if my code is properly installed.

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