I don't know how long this feature has been available, but today I saw a new drop-down menu in my AdWords account. You can view your stats by the following choices:

Split: all search/content network
Split: Google search/search partners/content network
Only show: Google search/search partners
Only show: Google search
Only show: search partners
Only show: content network

It is very interesting to see the different performance between Google searches and the "search network." For one of my larger campaigns, CTR on Google today was 6%, but only 1% on the search network.

I don't have their conversion tracking set up but it will be interesting to see the feedback posted here from people who do. Does the traffic quality and conversion rate suffer from the search network? I'm curious to see how people's ROI differs between Google and the search network? I see they have the option to turn off your search network placements but I wonder if they will start letting advertisers bid lower for search network placement instead if ROI is worse.