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    Two things
    1) It seems one of the dictionary companies, (I forgot which) added a new word
    McJob - A low paying dead end job

    MacDonalds wants them to remove the word b/c it makes their employees feel bad

    2) 8 of the illegal aliens who used to work at walmart but was deported a few weeks ago are suing walmark. They claim they was being underpaid because they are illagal aliens. Well actually they waid Mexicans but in this case its the same thing.

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    I'm sure most McDonald's employees feel bad the moment they're hired. If McDonald's wants employees to be happy, work hard, and be proud of what they do, THEY NEED TO PAY THEM A BETTER WAGE!

    I just love these companies who want 110% job dedication, 110% performance, 110% enthusiasm for the job, yet they're only willing to pay for 75%!!!

    The execs need to take a pay cut, and distribute the money where it would do some good: to the employees at the bottom of the ladder who deal with customers. That's where the greatest impact lies.

    McJob is the perfect definition for a low-paying, dead end job - it fits perfectly!


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