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    Help to make my case!
    Hi all

    A couple of hotheaded directors have just made an of the cuff decision to disallow affiliates from bidding on the company name, which is trademarked.

    I currently have 5 affiliates running branding campaigns over 3 search engines (and doing well from them).

    Whilst I understand the reasons behind the decision; squeezing the bottom line (hoping customers will start use organic searches instead) I feel the reality will be somewhat different from the 'ideal' they are trying to sell to me. Especially in light of the fact the company does not run its own PPC branding campaign.

    My thoughts:

    - Without compensating with our own branding campaign for SEM, the company risks losing traffic to competitors who will inevitably bid for the term (as they historically have).
    - My affiliate programs have been built on integrity and affiliate satisfaction, this sudden immediate change to our affiliate policies will come as an unwelcome shock.

    Your input would be much appreciated.

    Thank you very much!

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    hi, and welcome to this forum.

    "A couple of hotheaded directors"

    This is a public forum, be careful what you write.

    Tell them to come to this forum and there will be many affiliates who will be able to explain to them both sides to the arguement.

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    not a situation i would want to be in. in and attempt to change their minds, present them with figures that show the revenue impact of the loss of these affiliates. make an assumption that only 25% of the consumers the PPC affiliates provide will make their way to the site via organic search results and the remainder will get to your competition. (not sure what that % will be, could be higher or lower, niche specific of course.) hopefully they have already taken the % of revenue these affiliates contribute, if it's low you may not be able to change their minds.

    If they are not willing to allow bidding, i would make a strong case to give 90 day advance warning of the change in policy as a sign of good faith. some of them may be willing to build change their tactics to continue with your program. you can always make a new PPC rule for any new affiliate from this point on, but some may warrant grandfathered rights to bid on your marks.

    just my immediate thoughts, hope it works out.

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