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    October 7th, 2008
    Find Your Niche in a Beat-Up World economy.
    The economy is taking a beating all over the world. So, what does that means to Internet marketers?
    There are many reasons why people use the internet, but two of the most common are {1} To research information about products they wish to purchase . {2} To find better prices on the products they wish to purchase .
    The slump global economy is in downward spiral spending. This make people to spend less, which means less revenue for businesses.
    So, what does this meams for internet marketers? Would you be shocked i told you that it means more sales. Well i'm serious.
    A slump in the economy doesn't necessray mean that people wany less. Purchasing products online can save you 20%, 50% or even up to 90% of what that same product would cost in the offline world. This present huge opportunity for internet marketers to find a niche of people looking for vheaper prices online. Niche hunting, and understanding your audience is the key to succeed as an internet marketers. Goodluck.
    See you guys soon.
    Emmanuel Damiebi

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    I think you may be on to something there. This downturn is a disruptive force, altering people's buying habits, making them reevaluate old purchasing habits. Its seems natural that in this Internet Age they'll be turning more to online information for their purchases, which may well hold many opportunities for affiliates.
    Richard Gaskin
    Developer of WebMerge: Publish any data feed on any site

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    Emmanuel, you make some great points. Thanks for sharing them.

    One key thing I would add is this. The number one reason why people buy a product at all, whether online or offline, is to feel better about themselves.

    There will always be "evergreen" markets in any economy which allow people to feel happier about themselves, their appearance, their position in life, their connection with others, and so forth. So I agree that sales will continue and might even increase in some niches, which is great for us!

    I think as long as we affiliate marketers keep that in mind we can use that to our advantage as salespeople - but in an ethical way.

    We have winter coming on and the inevitable New Year's resolutions time where weight loss, health, and appearance weigh big on people's minds - recession or no recession.

    About six months ago I began really building sites in the evergreen markets and they've been doing fine so far. I do hope that this continues!


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