Hi Team,

This Thanksgiving we are thankful for all the great affiliate partners we are lucky to partner with! I wanted to take the time to share our new text links for Thanksgiving are available for you today in ShareASale! When you are promoting Thanksgiving this year, check out our attention grabbing text links and use them to your advantage in your marketing efforts! Thanks again for your support!

Below I will provide a list of ARC Merchant programs with new Thanksgiving text links. All the text links will be available for you in ShareASale under the "Get a Link/Banner" section. For easier searching, you can find these holiday text links under "Thanksgiving."

ARC Merchant Program's with Thanksgiving text links (available in SAS):


Stay Tuned for more Holiday text links for Q4...If you have any questions or requests for Holiday promotions please email me at anytime: stephanie@andyrodriguez.com.

Gobble1 (gŏb'əl): To devour in greedy gulps. Gobble2 (gŏb'əl): The guttural, chortling sound of a male turkey.