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    Ad Networks: Prepare for a Bloodbath Next Year
    Written on October 23rd 2008
    Author by Kathleen

    Is the end nigh?

    According to Jeff Lanctot, Razorfish’s chief strategy officer, “dozens and dozens” of ad networks will fail in the coming economic crunch.

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    I see it.
    Continued Success,

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    I hope. 90% of them are junk. I've run $1000 tests on some of them with ZERO sales. Targeted offers that convert elsewhere...


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    All of the ad networks will be put through a big test and the crappy ones will definitely be weeded out!

    However, my company and many other internet marketing agencies are continuing to grow on a monthly basis. More and more advertisers are looking for advertising that is measurable and can show ROI to the "T". You can only do this online!

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    Hopefully as the actual merchant management starts to review their affiliate network commission payouts they'll discover they are getting raped by their AM's in partnership with loyality/cause BHO's and trademark point of sale coupon poachers. Fire the entire AM group taited by incentive Adwhores and sue the networks for highway robbery and commission fraud.

    Then some new AM's might emerge who will prove with transparancy their affiliates are legitimately driving new customers to the merchants ecommerce shopping carts.
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