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    Hi There,

    I have spent while day trying to find out how to easily and effectively create affiliate stores. I stumbled across a website which uses wordpress.

    If you notice on the website under the categories if you click on any of the links you get a new page popped up with keyword related product list. If someone can help me understand this I would really appreciate.

    I also have sent a support request and have not heard back. If someone can help me get started I am even ready to pay.


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    Hello Ajeet, PopShops does not give webdesign advice. PopShops is a tool you can use to integrate your merchant's products into your site but how you do that is up to you. They offer a WordPress plugin to work with, but making it work the way you want is up to you. The WordPress site is a very good place to learn to use WordPress. Good Luck.
    You should not post affiliate site links here, it's against the rules.

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