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    Economic crisis should affect my Affiliate Program?
    Dear Marketers,

    Do you really think the economic crisis should affect my Affiliate Program's performance?

    Any commentaries, experiences, suggestions are welcome.

    Thank you!

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    I was wondering that exact same thing, sorry I couldn't answer but will be back to read others

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    We're not seeing any changes at present, potentially due to a comment that was raised on another thread, and something I saw on the news today, US consumers are driving far less, cutting down on fuel bills by staying home, shopping online, which could have a balancing effect on online sales.


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    A lot of people still buy the Christmas presents for their kids, even when it makes it so they go deep in debt.
    People buy a lot this time of year. Some people won't buy, but most will buy at least something online. They may shop around more for better deals though, so keep that in mond.

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    I think there are two separate issues here. One is whether your own business will be affected and that whether affiliate sales will be affected. My guess is that both are completely connected.

    Oil prices have now collapsed and so the argument that shoppers are staying at home is looking a bit tenuous. The bottom line is that nobody really knows, it is probably dependent on your niche, and the real effects will only be known in 6-9 months' time.

    But one thing good about affiliate sales is that you know exactly what amount you are paying per sale, unlike PPC and other forms of advertising. Therefore I would recommend that you go ahead at full steam for it.

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    Well, it certainly depends on industry or products. In times of economic crisis items such as cigarettes and alcohol do well. Or in real estate- foreclosures services and products are doing well. While you may not be in either of these categories, try to adapt and perhaps limit expenses.

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    There seems to be a general consensus that consumers are being more cautious, which is likely to mean reduced purchasing during the holiday season. Businesses are also trying to reduce spending. Some online shopping sites (such as eBay) are already seeing declines (although that may involve more "luxury" or fully-discretionary purchases).

    As noted, high fuel costs are likely to drive some consumers to online shopping, which could provide a boost. In addition, the conversion to digital TVs is still on schedule for February, so it seems likely that there will be increased TV sales in the next few months, and price-sensitive consumers might do that online more often than in the past.

    However, I'm not sure that these two factors will be enough to offset the overall decline of the retail segment during the fourth quarter, so I'd expect overall holiday online sales to be relatively flat from last year. This doesn't mean that the opportunity is gone: there will be many companies whose sales skyrocket, and affiliates can still profit (and likely increase profits from last year).

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