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    google ads or affiliate programs
    I am building a website and wonder if I should place google ads or affiliate programs. I would love to hear your opinion. Thanks in advance.

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    Why not do both?


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    Geno's right: you should take advantage of all appropriate revenue opportunities, and you may choose to "mix and match" various types of advertising on your sites and pages.

    The "best mix" of advertising depends entirely on your web site -- some types of sites are better suited to traditional "banner" ads (which includes Google text ads and banners, as well as other CPC and pay-per-sale advertising banners), while other sites may be better suited to more traditional affiliate text links.

    If you're brave, then once your web site is finished, you might ask for feedback in the Affiliate Site Review Forum, which is generally the only forum here where you can identify your affiliate web site specifically.

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