Since it was just the girls racin, hubby called me to see if I wanted to see it. (I love horses, too ) The race in the Breeder's Cup with Zenyatta. Don't know exactly what it's called, think the Breeder's Cup is for two days this year and this was one of the races.

I dunno lol bout these things. lol I just pick the horse I think's the prettiest (light brown with the white spot on their face) or the jockey who's wearin purple. or if none of those deciding factors are....I go for the name I like. lol Christopher's always been my favorite guy name and Amanda for girls so I used to do real well when I chose that one jockey quite a while back that was named Christopher McCracken, I think.

Anyway.....this horse looked pretty impressive Evidently she's a big deal, never lost before. She's supposed to always start out last. She looked like most of the race she was just trottin along, then speeded up near the end and won.

And.....don't know why but seems the Breeder's cup this year has decided in my honor they're wearin purple. lol Just kidding. lol The guys that always push their butts in to the thingies that don't wanna go in there.....they were all wearing purple.

So, even if none of ya watched it.....I'm predicting she'll be a big deal. lol