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    Target Pays 7% Should Say 0%-7%
    We sold $25 worth of gift cards yesterday for 0% commission. Looking in the GAN interface it says the commission is 7%. Now if you look at the 10 categories shown you see that a few are 3% commission. You have to download the full commission list to find that Gift Cards pays 0%. In the name of clarity let's show the full range of commissions which would be 0% - 7%.

    The interface is noticeably faster after today's maintenance downtime.

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    I agree with you John. They should post the correct range instead of optimistically generalizing the 7%. That is unless they really want to pay 7% on everything. That would be great!


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    The information is under the Profile link. "Target does not offer commission on Amazon or Gift Card purchases." As you said, it should be under the Commissions link as well. I have known that they don't pay on gift cards, probably because I remember it from when they were at Linkshare. I am not sure if I ever clicked on the Profile link before. I usually look at Terms (and it is easy to miss something there) and Commissions.

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    I think I remember something about Target not paying on GC also, I think it's probably time to start a thread about gift cards that pay or don't pay so we don't all have to go through the pain of trying to hunt them down.

    I'll do that in a few minutes.
    Someday starts today
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