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    client site being framed there has to be legal implications
    One of my clients site is being framed by a domain that is almost identical to it. I have sent them an email telling them to take the site down. I think they know the party that owns the name.

    This has to be illegal, right?

    does framing a page put you at risk for a duplicate content penalty? I know the site is not really spiderable since it's in a frame but you never know

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    It's theft of content, you should file a complaint with the DMCA:

    When this happened to me, I started with a formal "cease & desist" email, it worked as I threatened to contact their host (who has a legal obligation to deal with it).

    If you're concerned about duplicate content penalty, submit a complaint to google via Webmaster Tools. I did this with a scraper, and the scraper site was dropped from google entirely.

    You can also disable iframes via a script or page-setting - can't remember specifics, but there is a thread here that outlines options to protect content (I remember when my entire front page appeared in someone's forum!).

    They should also update the site Terms of Use to indicate framing the site is not allowed.

    I view this as highly unethical, and you should deal with it quickly. On a personal note, I can't believe the audacity of some people (stealing content!)..

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    Here is a simple old script that prevents framing:
    <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript" TYPE="text/javascript">
    function framebreakout()
      // Generated by thesitewizard Frame Breakout JavaScript Wizard 1.01
      // Visit to get your own
      // frame breakout script FREE!
      if (top.location != location) {
        top.location.href = document.location.href ;
    This script goes in the body, right after the head.

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    thanks for the responses.

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