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    January 17th, 2005
    I was wondering which affiliate program do you guyz prefer? I'm pretty new and only in CJ so far... I think it's neat (everything automated) but I was wondering if Performics, BeFree or Linkshare were any good / better? I need to be enlighted! lol

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    Welcome to ABW, kykex!

    Spend a little time in each networks forum here. You'll see there are good things as well as bad about each.

    You might be better off determining which merchants you want to promote first, and going from there, as it may mean joining all of the networks to affiliate with all the merchants you want.

    Beware of merchants who allow parasites in their programs, as you will most likely not earn all that's coming to you, they will allow your commissions to be diverted to the parasites.

    Best of luck!


    <font color="red">Call the Exterminators! We've Got PARASITES!</font>

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    The right merchant with the right product is more important than the network.

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    January 17th, 2005
    Hmm it makes sense... Why didn't I think about it that way? duuuuh eheh

    Thanks for the advices and the welcome

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