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Thread: Finexo: New Live Currency Rates Banners

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    Finexo: New Live Currency Rates Banners
    Just uploaded some new Flash based banners that show live currency rates for some of the most popular pairs. 3 different sizes, so log into Shareasale to check them out.

    Crazy stuff going on in the financial markets lately, and lots of activity in world currencies. Stock markets are tanking, but there's plenty of opportunity still in currency trading. It's just fun to try out your skills with a free "practice" account. At least, it's more interesting than logging into my 401k/IRA and seeing that disaster zone.
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    If there was trading on the Baht vs Dollar right now I'd be joining in on some trading, but I don't think they do the Baht do they? Got any tips for newbies, trading tips that is, that might be tempted to jump in at this volatile time. Could make for some good pre sales copy too


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