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    Question Nuclear-powered passenger aircraft
    “We need a design which is not kerosene-powered, and I think nuclear-powered aeroplanes are the answer beyond 2050. The idea was proved 50 years ago, but I accept it would take about 30 years to persuade the public of the need to fly on them.”

    CRAZY - Can you say Iran Air?


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    From the article: > "The risk of reactors cracking open in a crash could be reduced by jettisoning them before impact and bringing them down with s." <

    Don't most commercial airline crashes occur during take-off or landing?

    As silly as it sounds (after 9/11), the idea is not entirely irrational.

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    I think it's a great idea. We have nuclear powered submarines and aircraft carriers. Why not airplanes? And while we're at it, why not ships, too? The more we can do to reduce our dependence on oil, the better. Nuclear is incredibly economical.

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    I'm 100% behind wind-powered aircraft. I think the development of wind ...

    Oh. Wait. Gliders.

    Never mind.
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    The cooling and shielding needed in the production of nuclear power are, by today's standards, very weight-intensive. Excess weight is definitely not something an aircraft needs. When technology solves those problems then nuclear powered flight may become a reality. Another point to consider is that nuclear fuel basically produces heat which is, or course, a form of energy. That energy is usually converted to steam to produce the forces needed to drive "things" - like turbines for generating electricity or steam engines to turn the s of an aircraft carrier or submarine.

    On the other note, it is true that airplanes can get by without a pilot (until something goes wrong). But I cannot imagine passengers boarding an aircraft where there is no pilot. Another BIG reason for having a pilot is liability - to have someone to blame if there is an "incident."
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    Quote Originally Posted by writerguy
    I'm 100% behind wind-powered aircraft. I think the development of wind ...

    Oh. Wait. Gliders.

    Never mind.
    I'm with Gary, back to wind power, especially on ships make those sea voyages more challenging and memoriable

    Though I do wonder how much speed some of those super tankers would manage under sail... probably not an awful lot.

    Right now I'd settle for a cost effective way to change my house electrics to Solar energy, but every firm I talk to wants more than I'd spend in Electric in 20 years AND they say it wouldn't generate enough power to drive my air con units... with my air con units removed from the equation the cost effectiveness of solar power becomes silly.


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    I'm all for whatever lowers the cost of a plane ticket

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