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    Twist on phishing scam
    Got up this morning and checked email. Deleted the standard spams, reported the various ebay and paypal phishers, chuckled at the poorly written bank notices at banks from which I don't have accounts.

    Then I saw something from eNom. Something about a violation of t&c's for contact information. I had just changed phone numbers so perhaps I had a domain there I forgot to update. Looked through the email and saw it said the domain had been canceled and immediately repurchased. Something seemed wrong, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

    What domain was it? I didn't see a name in the email and the date the domain was canceled was today. Actually something seemed really wrong. After checking the email headers, they were going to eNom for 'return to', I forwarded the email to eNom asking what domain was in question.

    I then found a link in the email and did the mouse hover trick, and there it was, the link didn't go to eNom, it goes to a phisher site.

    So it appears the phishers are now looking at getting into your domain accounts. Please be careful if you get anything from a domain registrar, it may not be what it appears.
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    Thanks for the heads up knight01,

    thats who we use also.

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    I got one too. It didn't make any sense to me so I checked the headers and it was not sent from enom so in the garbage it went.

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    I just received one, and the subject is titled:

    "Warning: Inaccurate whois information."

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    I recieved the same and also one pretending to be from Network Solutions.

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