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    Google Approx Avg Search Volume inconsistencies

    I have just started using the Google adwords for keyword research and have found some huge discrepancies in the results. For instance, in one search there was a keyword phrase of 8 words in their results showing Approx Avg Search Volume of 2,240,000 searches. I was rather naively excited by this until I searched for the keyword in Google and got a result of only 4 sites vying for this phrase.

    I kept repeating the search in Adwords and even today, a day later, it is still showing this info. Some other phrases were also showing remarkably high Approx Avg Search Volumes as well, however, these later changed to levels you would consider normal after a while. The difference was sometimes in the millions between one hour and the next while I was checking, double checking and triple checking at the same time wondering how I was going to spend all the 1,000s and 1,000 of dollars I was going to make from what would have been the kei of all kei´s!!!

    Does anyone know of these problems? How can I rely on Google Adwords to provide me with accurate results from now on? These examples stood out like the proverbial sore big toe, but what if there are other errors I am not aware of? I could be targeting in the completely wrong direction!!! pissing in the wind!!! I could go on.

    Edit: I have just cleared my cache and cookies (in case) and there are still some amazing results. I have a keyphrease of 3 words with an approx search volume of 1,500,000 and return of only 27 (some of those are the same site) in Google!!! I´m counting my forune again, hee hee. However, this is a good term and I believe there would be some great traffic, not 1,500,000 though!
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    I never take those results seriously, I don't even pay attention to them. I pick some keywords I think will work and go from there. And then just monitor your ads and you can see real impressions, real clicks, avg. position etc. and adjust accordingly.

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    hmmm... What would you use for keyword research then? I wasn´t wanting to use the adwords for ppc, not yet anyway, it was just to see the search volume for keywords.

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