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    October 17th, 2008
    Help - can you recommend a CPA for a new Merchant?
    OK - so it seems I almost made a huge mistake going with Click-Booth as my CPA. I'm new to ABW but I am so lucky I found this community.

    I was wondering if someone could give me some advice as to which CPA company may be the best to work with for a first time merchant? My program is ready to go - I just want any horrible surprises.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If there is any other information you need from me to help with the advice please let me know. By the way my products are skin care products for cellulite, psoriasis, acne, arthritis, thinning hair etc.



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    October 17th, 2008
    Sorry - this is a duplicate thread. When I first posted it did not appear and I thought the thread did not get created. Moderators can you please delete one of them for me.


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    Wrote a long post but MODS deleted that your other dup post and I lost everything.

    -Market leverage
    -Other networks (on ABW)

    Not that they are better or i recommend it but they have a forum on here and they are easily reached or get changes on.

    I worked with quinstreet back in my previous life. They designed a mini site for us but we paid a lot.

    All the best

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    October 17th, 2008
    Thank you Eric - I will look at all of these. I am also going to Ad Tech next week so hopefully I will be able to speak to a few companies directly.

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