The house is proud to announce cash incentives for all new and inactive publishers during November 2008.

New Publishers:

Publish a minimum of 1 banner ad and 2 text ads on your home page from November 1-30th, 2008 and earn 8-13% commission plus the following bonuses:

Receive a $100.00 cash bonus on your first 5 orders during November. The top 5 publishers will receive an additional $250.00 cash bonus for a minimum of $2,500.00 in sales.

All active and inactive publishers:

Earn an additional $1,000.00 cash bonus for $25,000.00 in sales generated during November with their 13% commission.

Thatís a potential $1,350.00 in bonuses and a 13% commission! All bonus recipients will receive a 1 gig flash drive loaded with rich media content for promoting the House.