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    Very Impressed - great support
    I put together my first GC store - a keyword store - and added it to a Wordpress blog as a page. I used the PHP script with the Exec-PHP plugin for the SEO benefits that are available.

    At first nothing worked. I just saw raw code when the page displayed. I contacted support and they figured out that my host had disabled the include PHP function. So, the suggestion was made to replace Include($URL); with readfile($URL). That worked great - the items were showing up

    (I had already read on this forum the potential issues with wpautop so I disabled it for the page - not sure if it was required but I did it anyways )

    The next issue that came up - I clicked on one of the page numbers - it automatically went to the index page rather than advancing through the store. So, I again contacted support and they provided me with another fix for the PHP code. This time everything worked PERFECTLY. The store looks fantastic.

    I'm impressed - both replies occurred within 24 hours of being sent by me, and both replies solved the exact problems reported. Now that I have those fixes, it will be easy for me to create stores all over the place on my blog network.

    Thanks support!

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    Thanks for the good report.

    I do a lot of sites with WP, and I've had similar problems with GC code to what you've mentioned. I'll make sure I remember this thread next time I try GC with WP.

    (Ever think about the time we could all save writing stuff if we just used two or three consonant abbreviations for everything? GC--WP--SAS--LS--CJ, etc.? LOL!)
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