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    How to market ClickBank program?
    I am a new advertiser on Clickbank and new to the affiliate advertising world. I am looking for tips on how to market to other affiliates to pickup my program. I am new to the affiliate advertising world. Can anyone share some successful tips on how to attract affiliates? I am going to try to post to the new affiliate program on this forum, for instance and on another affiliate forum dedicated to Click Bank. Are there other forums that are frequented by Affiliates? Are there other efforts that are good methods of reaching affiliates?

    Thanks, in advance, for the advice.


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    You want to get your gravity up in the clickbank marketplace. Lots of affiliates think that metric means it's a good program.

    IMO it's better to rely on your own internal traffic than affiliates, at least to start with.

    Good luck!

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    I won't promote another forum here, but a Google search will reveal that there are others.


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    Yes, join various other such programs to improve your chances on getting affiliates. Also, you might need to give more comission intially to attract more affiliates but can lower it afterwards if you like.

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