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    Looking for a calling card/phone card aff prog

    I'm looking for a calling card/phone card program that either has a datafeed (where the datafeed actually lists every card with price), a cobrand/private label option, or some other way of linking to specific phone cards on their site.

    Any suggestions? Network doesn't matter, and in-house is fine.


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    Pingo on Linkshare.

    They have one item, so no data feed.

    AM (brian) is on ABW.

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    Hey Lulav,

    Drop me a line, lets try to connect.

    We only sell one virtual phone card service so we don't really need datafeeds. But there is some other marketing idea's that we could brainstorm together.

    - Brian
    Brian Hawkins AM @ [URL=]Pingo[/URL] Earn up to $35 CPA for a [URL=]$1 trial offer[/URL]!
    [URL=]@TelecomAgents[/URL] [URL=]@TelephoneCard[/URL]

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