I know a lot of you live in the quick hit e-commerce world, but for those that have any sort of outreach programs to potential customers, I strongly recommend reading this blog post: http://www.bizresearch.com/searchmarketingblog/?p=138

I love Network Location, segmenting by various options in the drop-down menu and reviewing their pages, time spent and bounce rates. But I look at it all together. So, for example, I see clients who havenít logged into their reports for two months straight. Thatís meaningful. I need to call them on monday and check in with them and see how theyíre doing. In fact, Iím going to email them straight away
I'm going to spending quite a bit of time reviewing this info in the near future. It lends some serious insight into the effectiveness of direct mail, off line advertising, etc, and how well it's actually working.

It also can go a long way towards segmenting your prospect lists. Knowing what companies were on your site, for how long, and the words that brought them there is incredibly powerful.