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    GoldenCAN vs. PopShops?
    Hi all,

    Just starting to do some research into using datafeeds for my sites (haven't until now because I assumed it was a bit beyond me, technically speaking).

    Could someone briefly outline for me what the differences are between PopShops and GoldenCAN? Are they essentially the same kind of service with the same functionalities...or have I got that wrong?


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    roughly the same, but still different. I use both.

    I think the best way is to work with both and it will become more apparent what each does.

    Signing up with GoldenCAN is free. Signing with PopShops is basically free but if you want to use more features you'll have to spring for a little cost. You can, however, make a few pages in .php or .asp form (I think) with a basic signup.

    Signing up with GoldenCAN is free but some merchants haven't bought into it fully so you might have to give up one click out of four. But that's not one order out of four. But the "free" merchants are tagged in the merchant list.

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    My personal preference is PopShops, though I have sites with GC, too. And I've got a couple of sites where I use both.

    I find PopShops easier to adapt the content and appearance than GC. Many of my sites use WordPress either as a straight blog or in ways I modify it to work sort of as a dumb guy's CMS (grin). When I'm using a datafeed in WordPress, PopShops works MUCH better for me than GC. However, I see GC has found ways of adjusting their PHP coding so it seems to work better in most WordPress installs than it did.

    But just because of the way PopShops can be adapted as to look and content better than GC makes it worth the $5 a month plan to me.
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    Thanks, writerguy - very useful feedback! I'll check them both out and will see how I fare.

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