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    Get Your New Digital Converter Box

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfcom
    Get Your New Digital Converter Box
    I still don't care what anyone else might say about the issue that we all need to have one by next February, but I still think that those Digital Converter Boxes may have an small digital camera inside, to see what's going on your house.

    1 - If every household in America is getting a free two $40.00 coupons to get two Digital Converter Boxes, that's $80.00 bucks per house, so where is all that money comes from?

    2 - Did you see that movie ""? (Sorry, I will not promote that paranoia flick here.)

    3 - No, even tho I used to be an electronic technician, I haven't taken my New Digital Converter Boxes appart, yet! (A- I don't care if they watch. B- I have no time to look for that miniature camera. C- I'm afraid to F***. my new Digital Converter Boxes, and miss the new Digital TY signals next year.)

    4 - Look, as long as they don't put those videos on youtuve, I don't care what they see.

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    Love it!

    There IS a lot of confusion as to who needs to purchase a converter box... or a new TV[?]... or digital and HD[?]...


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