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    Help Your Affiliates Create Quality Review Sites
    most affiliate managers are probably familiar with the name Jeremy Palmer.

    recently be launched a video series of affiliate training sessions that he named the Black Ink Project. these were well-received by affiliates.

    in the second revision of this series he went into great detail about how affiliates can build review sites that "make Google love you". this was in response to problems he had had with Google's AdWords program which threatened to deactivate his account if he did not revise the structure/content of some of his affiliate sites.

    the end result of Jeremy's revision was a review site format that he now champions to his students.

    well, i took all of Jeremy's recommendations for affiliate review site creation and turned them into software. so if you think your affiliate base might be interested in creating niched review sites that primarily promote your product over those of nearby competitors, then this software might interest you (as something to recommend to your affiliates).

    you can find out more here: *Promo Removed* where i give away a license for the software with my ebook on how to run successful affiliate review sites.

    Stephen Carter
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