Hi All

I'm copying the latest OSJ newsletter here in case anyone missed it the other day.




Dear Partner,

Thank you for being a valuable and important partner with Overstock Jeweler.

Following a court injunction order against Overstock Jeweler, and further towards an amicable resolution to our case, we would like to kindly request that all affiliates read the following updated injunction order located here:


Once you have read the court-ordered document, please kindly confirm and acknowledge that you have done so by sending an email to us at, contact/at/overstockjeweler.com with a CC: to Affiliate Manager, Allen/at/amwso.net.

Under the court ordered ruling, each affiliate is to confirm that they have read the court injunction in its entirety, and acknowledge receipt, within seven days of this newsletter, to maintain affiliate status with Overstock Jeweler. Once we receive your confirmation, we should be able to resolve the case amicably.

From all of us at Overstock Jeweler, we would like to convey our gracious thanks for your patience and understanding during these court proceedings. We sincerely wish to maintain our partnership with you and hope to receive your acknowledgment email as soon as you can.


Allen Miller
Affiliate Manager