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    Amazing Grocery Discounts!
    How To Enroll For Free Groceries!

    29 years ago, I was one of the first people to sign up for the discount savings program at *Removed Promo* Back inthose days of course there was no internet so I signed up through a magazine ad. Despite many people telling me not to because the company was brand new at that time and the concept seemed to good to be true, I didn't listen and signed up and I am so glad I did! The savings were and for 29 years have been outstanding. What I like most about this company is that they seem to always be researching new programs to save us more money. Shortly after the grocery program was released, a Kodak film developing and free film program,and then a few years later they released an online wholesale mall and as seen on tv one stop store for all the items seen on tv infomercials and most recently they released the restaurant savings program. I am quite happy to say that I joined everything that they released and each program has proven to save me substantial money. I only wish I had tracked my total savings over the years it must be in the tens of thousands of dollars! I thought I would share with you my first hand experiences with this company.

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    Hi Sherry. What is your intent with this, your first post? Are you somehow connected with this service/site? If so, you should post a paid announcement rather than promoting here. See And please read the rules.


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    I looked at the now removed link and I can pretty much say without hesitation that it was crap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeymourButts
    I looked at the now removed link and I can pretty much say without hesitation that it was crap!
    Are you saying it was ??

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    I know how to get free groceries!!! Food boxes! filled with
    Wear Short Sleeves!!! Support the right to bare arms!

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