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    "Remember the days before HTML e-mail? They're back. The latest release of Microsoft Outlook turns off graphics as the default setting. The user determines whether to view images in any HTML message not from a personally-approved sender."

    How will this effect your email marketing?

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    Some day me and Charlie will get paid for our predictions or take the odds and clean up on the naysayers. I'm batting 100% on all major impact predictions for 6 years now. Some predictions were way out there having been given 2 years advance notice.

    Hey merchants and Dupers those millions of e-mails you scrapped or acquired to circumvent commissions or sell to list brokers just dropped in value. I predict the value of a real pre-sell affiliate just has risen for those merchants too lazy to play the expensive SEO/SEM game. Better spend next week verifying those reporting tags and shopping cart on switches.

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    It won't bother my marketing at all, we send out text formatted messages (and rarely at that).

    It will mean less ads are shown to people through their email - good thing overall. That means less harmful ActivX and scripts will land on your machine. Less tracking cookies returned for simply opening a silly email. Less bandwidth wasted. Less time wasted waiting for images to load inside the email client. Less pop-ups and unneccessary re-directs generated because someone wants to simply review their email messages.

    It is a good step for Micr*s*ft to take.


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    HTML formatting is more likely to get your email marked as spam by filtering software.

    I include a text link at the beginning of the plain text email message to a page with a pretty version of the newsletter.

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    Excellent news. HTML in mail has been bad news from go to whoa.

    Spammers hide a graphiocs bug with your email address encoded in it - as soon as your HTML enabled email client loads the graphic BAM! the spammer knows he has a live email address.

    I HATE HTML email. If you've got some pretty graphs you want to show me, send me a text email with a URL in it and I'll go to your website when I'm GO AND READY.

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    With over 200 spam emails a day you can be sure I don't look at any of them. No longer have time to read the newsletters I used to enjoy because I am deleting spam. So now the only good thing that comes from spam is that people get to make a fortune selling spamkillers.
    Doesn't matter if it is HTML or text, if the majority doesn't read it, why send it?

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    I wish the networks would stop using HTML mail I don't even bother to read it most of the time.

    "Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense." - Gertrude Stein, American author (1874-1946).

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