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    Tracking Software
    I'm looking for a network tracking solution that will allow me to effectively have my own internal affiliate network.

    All I require it to do is track clicks, produce cookies and match with a tracking code (like most affiliate networks).

    I've looked at Direct Track but they'll wanting around $20k for their network solution for the first 12 months. Does anyone know of a good alternative or push me in the right direction?


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    Prosper202 just went open source. It probably wouldn't take too much to add affiliate network like functionality to it(it has tracking pixels and all now)

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    alpha_com, you may find this of help:



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    I believe Kowabunga used to offer a network solution too. Not sure if they still do or how it is though...

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    I'd use LinkTrust by Burstabit. It's a good solution to run your own network and is fairly inexpensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProHealth
    I'd use LinkTrust by Burstabit. It's a good solution to run your own network and is fairly inexpensive.
    I currently use link trust with my affiliate network and I love it! Way better than direct track! They are releasing version 6 in a few weeks and it is 10x better than 5!!! I'm so excited.

    They are a bit pricey... $1,500 set up and $1,600 a month, but when you compare 10-20k for direct track, you will be able to make an educated decision.

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    I don't think DT is that much. Also they're not the same so you should get their reps on the phone and review your needs.

    Also you talk about an "internal network" so maybe all you need is a $99 affiliate tracking script for your own use?

    [URL=]Are these affiliates stealing from you?[/URL]

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    link trust would work for you.. DT will be expensive, and if you are not looking to build a CPA network its just not what you need. I would also suggest looking into the open source ones they are good. There should be a few listed here:

    The "boxed" and open source stuff is not great and would not work for a large CPA networks or Affiliate Network but it can be made to work just fine for a smaller or in-house program.

    I have looked into a ton of services recently the demand is there for sure. In fact, my company Motive Interactive gets calls daily from networks looking to drop DT and even drop in-house technology and if we will allow them to license ours. We like to keep it as a competitive advantage but we are setting up a plan to have a license version in 2009! It would be tooled more for medium to large CPA networks.. Anyway - check out the open source stuff!!!

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    MediAdNet uses Direct Track from Direct Response. It's so much more than a simple tracking software. It is a serious business tool that allows you to build a solid network for advertisers and publishers. The cost is there, but they'll WORK with you to get the job done. We can't elaborate, but VERY surprising on their drive to get you up and running. You're paying for speed and scaleability of building a network. SO much faster and quick to generate revenue faster than the other guys. Also, their sales and technical staff are really unbeatable. We use a lot of vendors, and over the long haul, they ALWAYS been there for MediAdNet. We did make the investment and it honestly has paid off within the first 6 months. THAT'S ROI. But honestly, you have to have the business needs to take advantage of what Direct Track offers. If you have an open mind on what your possibilities are, then sit through a low pressure 1 on 1 sales presentation. Best of luck for all!

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