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    Company Profiling - How TOs
    Good Evening/Morning/Afternoon,

    I have a few questions and need your help to explore my options and understand whats the best solution. I hope I'm asking this question in right ABW section.
    My website is ready to go. Site offers free services to build traffic apart from paid packages for merchants with a lot of products. It is a heavy project and costed me over $8k USD + 6 months of hardcore designing.
    The site focuses and is operational for 5 countries at the moment - US, UK, CA, AUS & IN. I need solid company profiling which includes but is not limited to -
    Terms & Conditions (content)
    Privacy Policy (content)
    FAQ Management (content)
    Seller Guide (content)
    Buyer Guide (content)
    Press Release (content)
    Press Release Distribution (SEO/Promotion)
    I'm not sure where to begin. Honestly, I'm not that good at writing legal content as I'm not aware of the legal aspects involved in the merchant-world.
    I believe, merchants who have been into similar situations can answer and better understand what I'm talking about.
    At this time, I'm stressed lol.
    Phew .. Didn't realize until I stepped into it. Running a quality website is a matter of great responsibility and a lot of headache unless you have the right tools. I have been running blog-sites in past, but this is a major project and I do not wish to take any chances with the Legal Matters.
    Your help will be of great help and I'll appreciate if you can share your personal experience if you have been in my situation and what helped you.


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    I agree that it's not as easy as it looks to run a proper site! Sounds like you've done some good work..

    I use standard legal wording that you can buy, not the free stuff, usually through sites like (no affiliation, I've bought forms there).

    Since my sites contain original content (no extra services provided), I'm confident with the legalese I have put in place. However if I choose to expand into services, or my base grows, I will probably hire someone local, in person, for a one-off review.

    Re: Press releases, you can pay someone to write them, but check out the guidelines here: I'm lucky to have a talented writer in my family. I write the frame, and she makes it more PR-friendly.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the information, I appreciate your help.
    I hope my website will offer value to visitors and members. I have tried to eliminate the third man in between sellers & buyers and even paid packages at this time are pretty affordable.
    I can't provide a link yet, I'm a newbi

    I will check MyTechnologyLawyer and will give them a call to check how they can help me.

    For Press Releases, thats a great link. I will have to research a lot before I signup for a service.
    Oh and, no in-house help for me. Right now, I'm trying to handle everything on my own.

    I was hoping to get some tips from Merchants. There is no end to the help I need. More help will be greatly appreciated.


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